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Common Shares (millions)

  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Headquarters
    Head Office:
    4eme Niveau Immeuble SMT.
    Avenue des Palmieres,1273,Gombe Royal.
    Kinshasa 00100
    République Démocratique du Congo.
  • Annual Meeting
  • The 2019 annual meeting of stockholders of Societe Minieres de Tanganyika Sprl will be held at 11:00 a.m. E.D.T. on Tuesday, January 23, 2019, Headquarter, Dem Rep of Congo.
  • Transfer Agents
  • Questions about shareholder accounts,dividend payments,lost certificates, direct registration system(DRS),stock transfers and related matters should be directed to the transfer agent,registrar and dividend disbursement agent.
For Holders of Societe Minieresde Tanganyika Sprl Stock

Share Information

For Holders of Societe Minieresde Tanganyika Sprl Stock
  • 5-Year Shareholder Return

  • The Company currently intends to pay dividends on a quarterly basis in 2019 in such amount as determined by the Board of Directors.